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Translation in English Italian and Russian languages

Preparation and translation of the technical documentation

The technical manual translated into the language of the customer is a document that must accompany the machine or any other product and has become an essential aspect of companies exporting abroad. A technical manual well translated in the specific language of the customer saves time and money and can make the difference in commercial terms. State Supervisory Authorities, for example, require foreign manufacturers to submit documentation translated by qualified and accredited translator / interpreter for the certification of products conformity with the CU / EAEU TR to export / import goods in the Eurasian Economic Union EAEU, see .

For export / import and certification purposes also is required the Technical Passport as the standard technical file of a product. The Technical Passport is the document that contains all the detailed complete technical information on the product, including the installation, operation and maintenance manual, technical specifications and characteristics, functioning conditions, tests / acceptance report, components, materials used, the power source, the safety terms, guarantees, the operation life, conservation and packaging, the information on the proper disposal of the product, etc.

ARSCON - the team of accredited and highly qualified translators - offers the professional translation of any technical documentation in English <=> Italian <=> Russian languages, as well as the preparation and translation of the Technical Passport of the product in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations on design and presentation of the technical documentation and in accordance with GOST 2.601-2006, GOST 2.105-95, GOST 2.608-78, GOST 1639-2009, GOST 2.610-2006 (electronic format).

ARSCON provides the translation of the following documents:

- Technical specifications
- Technical Passport of a product
- Justification of safety JoS and Risk analysis
- Product Data Sheet
- Installation, operation and maintenance manual
- Certificate of Quality
- Certificate of Origin
- Programme and methods of tests / acceptance
- Installation Guide
- Certificate of guarantees and insurance
- User Manual
- GOST / TR (state standards and technical regulations for approval)
- SNiP (state regulations for the construction industry)

The document to be translated should be sent us via email at info @

Judicial authentication and legalisation


Documents issued in one Country and intended for use in another Country must be authenticated or legalized in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign Country.

Authenticating a translation involves officially certifying before a Court Register that the text in the target language is an accurate translation of the source language text. By this swearing process the person who has produced the translation formally takes responsibility for it.

Authentication is required for contracts, lawyers and notaries' deeds, diplomas, registry office documents, Chamber of Commerce certificates, international adoption documents and so on, to give the translation full validity in the country of destination.

Normally, Italian Courts do not accept translations where Italian is not the source or target language. In these cases, the original has to be translated into Italian and then into the target language (e.g. translations from English to Italian and from Italian to Russian). Both translations have to be authenticated.

In some cases, as well as authentication legalisation.

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Professional interpreting services from/to English Italian Russian languages in Vicenza, Italy

Interpreting Services in English Italian Russian languages

ARSCON – professional translators registered and accredited in Italy – offers translating / interpreting services in Italy and abroad in English - Italian - Russian languages for negotiations and meetings, educational courses and technical training, testing, meetings with lawyers and notaries, hearings, conferences, exhibitions and conventions, etc.
The most commonly requested type of interpreting is consecutive interpreting. As a rule, consecutive interpreting is used at events:
- at negotiations, press conferences, exhibitions, meetings and other business events

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Professional translation services in English Italian and Russian languages

Translation Services in English Italian and Russian languagesWe are a leading provider of translation services in English Italian Russian languages based in Vicenza, Italy. We will ensure that your message is comprehensively articulated to your target readers. Our translations include Certified Translation Services. Our certified translation services are often required for the translation of official documents such as: Birth & Marriage Certificates, Identification Cards, Passports, Qualification Certificates, etc.  We are able to provide you with certified translations from russian english to italian languages and viceversa. Simply email or post the required documents to us and we´ll do the rest.

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Translation Interpreting Services in English Italian Russian

Traduzioni e interpretariato in lingua russa, inglese, italianaARSCON provides top quality professional written translations services in russian english italian languages: legal, financial and promotional translations, authentication and legalization of documents, multilingual manual translations, desktop publishing and graphics, software and website localisation, all the technical documentation required in russian for the certification of product conformity to CU / EAEU TR mandatory to export/import of goods in the Eurasian Economic Union EAEU, see

We provide also interpreter services in english italian russian languages at business meetings, conferences, fairs and trade shows, judicial and notarial assistance in Italy and abroad.

Our aim is to improve and modernise the delivery of translation and interpreting using the most sophisticated technology and innovative methods within the language industry. We are a translation company with a rapidly expanding spectrum of clientele and we are able to accommodate for a wide variety of sectors including: Italian technical translation, Italian legal & financial translations, Italian marketing & website translation of best quality.

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